About Us


The School’s mission is to promote well-being from cell to society, through teaching, research, and active engagement in our communities.  We pursue our aims while fostering a safe, caring, and respectful School environment.

SKHS Values


A letter P


Achieved by upholding an environment that supports all students, staff, and faculty members in striving for and achieving their full potential, while maintaining their health and well-being.
A letter E


Achieved by research and teaching that emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, passion, community engagement, and intersectional justice.

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Achieved through research, teaching, and curricula reflecting our understanding that diverse intellectual approaches are required to understand and promote well-being.

A letter C


Achieved by active listening, consensus building, equitable distribution of work load, active participation, democratic decision-making, follow through, respect, valuing colleagues’ unique and diverse contributions, and celebrating achievements and successes.

A letter E


Achieved by proactively taking collective responsibility for fostering safety, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism in SKHS to address the unique obstacles faced by marginalized groups

Values Statement

Our values flow from individual and collective commitments to recognize and unlearn (often unconscious) patriarchal, heterosexist, fatphobic, ableist, racist and colonial ways of thinking and acting, and to work towards the goals laid out in the Queen’s University guiding documents that promote equity, diversity and inclusion, including the Principal’s Implementation Committee on Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion (2017), Yakwanastahentéha Aankenjigemi (Extending the Rafters): Truth and Reconciliation Commission Task Force Final Report (2017), and the Policy on Sexual Violence Involving Queen’s University Students (2018).

We recognize that we must individually and collectively take responsibility to identify and respond to individual, institutional, and structural discrimination and inequity in SKHS. We will use the Queen’s University DEAP (Diversity and Equity Assessment and Planning) tool to collectively facilitate action and accountability.

We understand this Mission Statement to be a living document that requires each of us to enact it in our everyday lives in the School of Kinesiology & Health Studies.

Dated:  07 October 2019