Faculty Members’ Research

Patrick Costigan, PhD (Biomechanics, Queen’s University) 

Clinical biomechanics specializing in lower limb mechanics and the relationships among physical disability, task demand, and performance.

Jessica Selinger, PhD (Neuromechanics, Simon Fraser University)

I am interested in the fundamental principles that shape how and why we move the way we do, as well as the application of these principles to improve mobility and overall health.

Gerome Manson, PhD (Neuromechanics, University of Toronto and l’Université d’Aix Marseille)

The objective of my research program is to understand the influence of sensory information on the planning and control of goal-directed actions.

James T. Bryant, PhD (Mechanical Engineering, Queen’s University) Cross-Appointment with Mechanical Engineering.

Dynamics of the human body, specializing in measurement of the musculoskeletal system; research focus on joint mechanics and ergonomics.