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Dr. Kyra Pyke has been announced as the inaugural recipient of the John G. Freeman Faculty Excellence Award for 2017/2018.  This award is given to a faculty member who has made a significant contribution to the SGPS (Society of Graduate and Professional Students) membership in the...
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Science Rendezvous
On May 12, Queen’s University researcher Dr. Kyra Pyke and the Heart and Stroke Foundation will join forces at Science Rendezvous for a heart health exhibit jam-packed with fun, educational games and activities for the whole family.             This year’s displays will mark the fifth...
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Christine’s dissertation project, funded by SSHRC, will explore experiences of racialized Canadians with medical assist in dying.   Four new Vanier Scholars were named at Queen’s for 2018/2019 – including Christine Moon, SKHS PhD Student.   Christine’s doctoral work will help the public understand what...
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In The News – March 24, 2017 Ian Janssen (SKHS Prof) & Veronica Poitras (SKHS PhD Grad) discuss sedentary behaviour & benefits of physical activity Scanlan: Kids are now heavier, rounder and weaker — the fix ought to be simple (snipped from the Ottawa Sun)  Wayne Scanlan ...
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September 14, 2018
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September 12, 2018