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Image of two hockey sticks surrounding one puck, with two skates on the ice - like in a face-off in hockey
Do small towns produce the biggest athletic talent? Featuring: Dr. Jean Côté
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KinSync Case Study Team
SKHS’s KinSync Team win 1st place in the Canadian Kinesiology Conference Case Study challenge
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Photo of 6 hands taking food from four open cardboard boxes - the photo is taken in a bird's eye view
Elaine Power: “Food drives are not the answer to poverty and food insecurity”
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Photo of current Olympian Julie-Anne Staehli running through a marsh
Current Olympian and SKHS alumnus Julie-Anne Staehli slows down to catch up with ‘The Journal’
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Photo of a man playing powerchair sport
Dr. Jordan Herbison and Dr. Amy Latimer-Cheung “After the Paralympics: New initiative to get more Canadians involved in power wheelchair sports”
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Headshot of Chris McGlory and Jessica Selinger
Supporting Big Research Ideas: Chris McGlory and Jessica Selinger receive NSERC Discovery Grants
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Gerome Manson
Best of Quirks: CBC listener question show features SKHS Assistant Professor Dr. Gerome Manson
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Headshot of Dr. Elaine Power
Elaine Power “The Case For Basic Income – Freedom, Security and Justice” on CBC’s In Town and Out with Giacomo Panico
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WEB Bloom Emily
The Faculty of Arts and Science’s inaugural Dean’s Changemaker Challenge awards $10,000 in seed money to student-created children’s book series.
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