Contract Offer

How to Accept a Contract Offer

TA Contract – Offer 

TA contracts are assigned to best suit the needs of the School’s undergraduate programs in Kinesiology, Physical Education, and Health Studies.  Every effort will be made to ensure that TAs will be offered TA contracts that best match up the specific course content requirements with the TAs only own academic and research backgrounds and interest wherever possible.  With the wide variety of course discipline areas offered by the School this is not always possible.  Offers are normally made by the Graduate Assistant via email to the potential TA.  Offers occur during July and August each year so TAs are reminded to check their email regularly to meet posted deadlines.


TA Contract – Acceptance

TAs may choose to decline a TA contract for any reason.  An alternate contract to substitute for a declined contract is not guaranteed but may be offered after all other TA contracts have been offered and accepted by all other TAs.  All TA contracts must be accepted by the posted deadline (normally in July or August each year) in order to be processed into Queen’s payroll on time for payment.


TA Contract – Review of Confirmed Tasks/Duties/Hours for Each Contract and Acceptance

  1. The SKHS Grad Assistant will forward TA contract offers via email to the TA.
  2. The TA will accept the TA contract offer, resave the document with the same name, and return it to the SKHS Grad Assistant.
  3. Each TA will meet with the Course Instructor of each course they have been assigned to complete the TA Agreement, before performing any TA responsibilities and no later than the dates posted in Item #2 below.  The course instructor will identify the various responsibilities and the number of hours associated with those responsibilities for each TA assignment on the TA Agreement.
  4. The TA and Course Instructor will each sign the TA Agreement.
  5. The Course Instructor will return all original, completed, signed TA Agreements to the SKHS Graduate Assistant by 19 Sep for the Fall Term and 15 Jan for the Winter Term.
  6. The SKHS Graduate Assistant will make a copy of each TA Contract for the Course Instructor, the TA, PSAC 901, and file the original in the Student’s SKHS student file.
  7. The SKHS Grad Assistant will prepare an online TA payment contract for each TA contract for Term. 
  8. The TA will accept each online TA contract to initiate regular monthly TA payments for each of their TA contracts for each Term of that academic session.