Teaching Fellow

Positions Available for Winter 2020


Position #1

Course:  KNPE 365 - Motivational Interviewing for Physical Activity Behaviour Change

How to Apply: 

Please forward your application as an email or one page PDF attachment to Angie, SKHS Graduate Assistant at:  aam2@queensu.ca and include answers to the following questions:

1 - have you served as a TF for this course before / when

2 - have you served as a TA for this course before / when

3 - relevant details of your own background that make you the best candidate to serve

4 - written approval from your SKHS Graduate Supervisor to serve

Deadline to Apply:     Monday 17 Jun 2019 at Noon hour


Undergraduate HLTH course summaries are available here. 

Undergraduate KNPE course summaries are available here.

Course summaries include details on course content, lecture, lab, tutorial and seminar times (when confirmed), course materials students require for learning and other relevant information.