Teaching Fellows

There are currently no Teaching Fellowship positions available.

SKHS is now accepting applications from current students registered in the SKHS graduate program for Teaching Fellow positions for the 2023-2024 academic year.  The deadline to submit your application is 4:30 pm on Friday, April 14, 2023 to skhs.grad@queensu.ca.

Graduate students may apply for as many positions as they want although successful candidates will normally receive no more than the equivalent of a 3.0 unit course per term. Co-teaching applications are welcome, but must be submitted as one joint application to teach a course. In these cases, the cover letter must articulate how co-teaching responsibilities will be shared by the applicants and the teaching team will be evaluated as a whole. Applications are adjudicated by the SKHS Teaching Fellow Appointments Subcommittee.

Please see course summaries from past offerings of the courses below on the SKHS website:

HLTH Course Summaries

KNPE Course Summaries

 SKHS Teaching Fellowships 2023-24:

Fall 2023Winter 2024Summer 2024
HLTH 332 Foundations for Understanding DisabilityHLTH 101 online (ASO) Social Determinants of HealthHLTH 332 online (ASO) Foundations for Understanding Disability
HLTH 416 Program Planning and EvaluationHLTH 102 Personal Health and Wellness 
HLTH 495* Special Topics in Health StudiesHLTH 350 Topics in Global Health 
 HLTH 404 Global Studies of Social Inclusion, Community Participation and Mental Health 
 HLTH 417 Community-Based Programming and Evaluation 
 HLTH 493* Advanced Topics in Health Studies 
 KNPE 167 Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Sport and Physical Activity 
 KNPE 337 Physical Activity Promotion for Children and Youth 
 KNPE 493* Special Topics in Kinesiology 


* Call for Applications for new Topics Courses in 2023-2024: we invite proposals for new topics courses in the following areas:

HLTH 493: Advanced Topics in Health Studies – topic must be related to health promotion or physical activity epidemiology;

HLTH 495: Special Topics in Health Studies – topic must be related to socio-cultural studies of health and the body;

KNPE 493: Special Topics in Kinesiology – topic must be related to the exercise sciences.

Applicants who would like to propose a topics course in any of areas above, must include a description of the course they envision in their cover letter: proposed course title, summary description of the course, and possible topics and assessment strategies.

Applications should be sent via email to skhs.grad@queensu.ca by 4:30 pm on Friday, April 14th and include the following:

  1. cover letter indicating relevant educational background and professional or volunteer experiences including any past experience as a TA or TF in the course (*see above for additional information required for proposed topics courses);
  2. a curriculum vitae;
  3. an unofficial transcript of graduate coursework;
  4. the names and contact information of two referees (one of whom must be the graduate supervisor).

Applications may also include other relevant materials the candidate wishes to submit for consideration such as a teaching dossier or student evaluations.

Queen’s is strongly committed to employment equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and encourages applications from Black, racialized/visible minority and Indigenous people, women, persons with disabilities, and 2SLGBTQ+ persons.

SKHS Graduate Students in Preference Group A will be given priority – see PSAC 901 TA/TF Collective Agreement for definition. Within each Preference Group (A or B), registration in the SKHS PhD program will be considered an asset.

All teaching fellowships are governed by the PSAC 901 TA/TF Collective Agreement. Remuneration will be in accordance with the Collective Agreement, and appointments are subject to funding or enrollment criteria: Contact PSAC 901:  info@psac901.org