Teaching Assistant Evaluation Process


The purpose of the Teaching Assistant (TA) Evaluation Form is:

  1. To provide Teaching Assistants (TAs) with anonymous student feedback.
  2. To allow TAs to use the TA Evaluation Form as part of their academic portfolio if desired.

Please note that the TA Evaluation process is NOT mandatory. 

Procedures to Prepare for Evaluation:
  1. The TA being evaluated must reach out to their course instructor to receive agreement that the evaluation can take place.
  2. The TA sends an email to skhs.grad@queensu.ca, copying their course Instructor (signifying Instructor approval) with the Response form attached which will highlight the additional questions they wish to be added to their evaluation survey. The Graduate Assistant will then create the personalized survey for each TA using Microsoft Forms.
  3. When the Evaluation Survey is ready in Microsoft Forms, the Graduate Assistant will send the link to both the TA and their course Instructor. The TA should discuss with the instructor how best to send the link out to the undergraduate students. The student responses will be anonymous.
  4. Shortly after the survey closes, the Graduate Assistant will provide the TA with their survey results as PDF documents via email.

NOTE: TA Evaluation material is CONFIDENTIAL and viewed only by the Graduate Assistant and TA being evaluated.