Exploring Healthy Urban Active Communities

NOTE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this course will not be offered in 2021-22.

The goal of this course is to explore the interconnections between active living, natural spaces and the built urban environment, with an emphasis on active transportation, outdoor recreational activities, civic ecology, urban parks and green spaces, land use and public policy. Students will participate in an expedition-style learning experience, spending a week living, traveling and learning together as a group. This is an experiential course of study whereby students will engage with a variety of community members, leaders, elders and activists, as well as partake in an array of outdoor and physical activities.

The experiential learning component of this course typically takes place during the week prior to Fall term.

There is an additional tuition cost of $400.

  • As of Open Enrolment in August, this course cannot be added or dropped on-line.
  • If a student needs to drop KNPE 338, they can do so by contacting the SKHS UG Office or the Faculty of Arts & Science.  However, dropping KNPE 338 in August or September will involve a financial penalty as the course is held in the week before the start of Fall Term and a two-hour participatory event in mid-October.
For more information:  KNPE 338 (PDF)


Submit the following to the SKHS UG Office by the deadline.