Faculty Members Health Promotion

Dr. Elijah Bisung (Global Health, University of Waterloo) 

Dr. Stevenson Fergus (Health Promotion and  HIV/AIDS Health, Michigan)

Dr. Amy Latimer-Cheung (Physical Activity Promotion, McMaster University)

Dr. Lucie Lévesque  (Health Promotion and Community-Based Physical Activity Promotion, Laval University)

Dr. Jeffrey Masuda (Environmental Health Equity, University of Alberta)

Dr. Jennifer Tomasone (Physical Activity Promotion for Persons with Disability; knowledge translation, McMaster University)

Dr. Tomasone seeks to close the gap between research evidence and “real-world” practice when promoting physical activity (1) participation among individuals with disabilities and cancer, and (2) prescription by health care professionals. Her research focuses on developing, implementing, and evaluating interventions that are grounded in behaviour change theory and guided by collaborations with relevant stakeholders (e.g., end users, health care professionals, community and government agencies).