How to Apply for a TA Position

How to Apply for a TA Contract Position


Normally during June or early July each year, SKHS Graduate Students apply for TA positions via the SKHS TA Application Online Site.  An email is send to to all SKHS graduate students which contains full instructions on how to submit your ranked list.

Roster and Timetable of Available TA Positions

The SKHS 2018/2019 Undergraduate Timetable – TA Ranking Chart provides a summary of details on course lecture, lab, seminar and tutorial times for all courses offered in that academic session that require TA support.  This chart is available on the SKHS website at:  SKHS/Employment/Teaching Assistant

That page also provide you with a link to all SKHS undergraduate course summaries to assist you in making your ranking decisions.

Please note some courses have specific requirements for TAs to perform that require the TA to be on site on specific dates.  Those dates and requirements as listed on the Timetable document and are truly non-negotiable. You must be available on those dates to perform those duties so do not apply for those positions unless you are able to commit your time accordingly.


The SKHS Graduate Assistant will forward an email to all eligible SKHS Graduate Students providing them with the specified dates during which they may visit the TA Ranking App Site and perform their ranking choices.  This timeline will be short – but not less than 10 working days.  Following that timeline the site will close to further access.

Application Due Date for 2018/19 positions is: 

Monday 09 Jul 2018 by noon hour


  1. TA ranking requests provided by graduate students via the Online App system will be matched with a view to ensuring that each TA receives approximately the same number of hours for the entire academic session, though hours may be weighted differently in each term to meet undergraduate teaching needs.
  2. The SKHS Graduate Assistant will provide offers to each TA as a TA Agreement Form outlining the term, course, number of hours, and total compensation.
  3. The TA will accept or decline the assignment on the TA Agreement Form as appropriate.
  4. Students who decline assignments are considered for but not guaranteed an alternate assignment depending on the needs of the School’s programs. 
  5. Upon acceptance of a TA position offer, the SKHS Admin Assistant will load your TA contract(s) individually for each one for each term, into SOLUS for you to accept and activate your salary payments.