How to Apply for a TA Position

During June or early July each year, the SKHS graduate assistant circulates by email and posts the available teaching assistantship positions for the following year. 

Available TA positions in SKHS are listed here: Teaching Assistant – Queen’s School of Kinesiology and Health Studies.

Application Process

  1. After posting the available TA positions, the graduate assistant circulates a survey to all SKHS graduate students where they will list their preferred TA positions for the following year.
  2. TA positions will be allocated according to the survey and the PSAC 901 TA + TF Collective Agreement.
  3. The SKHS graduate assistant will make offers, outlining the term, number of hours per contract and compensation. Students must accept or decline for each contract. 
  4. Students who decline offers are considered for but are not guaranteed alternate TA assignments. 
  5. Students will receive an online contract through Human Resources for each position that they accept. 


It is expected that TA positions for on-campus courses (all SKHS courses except for those offered through Arts and Science Online) require in-person responsibilities. As such, students must either live in or be willing to commute to Kingston to carry out position responsibilities if they apply for on-campus courses. 


As of 2023-2024, SKHS has standardized all TA positions in the department to “full positions” of 120 hours or “half positions” of 60 hours. The standardization of positions has ensured funding equity across students and has made the administrative process of TA position allocation less complicated. 

The task of allocating all positions, however, remains time consuming and complex. SKHS considers grad student preferences, as well as the preferences of faculty members, the demands of each course, and equitable distribution of positions across all students. This means that we are not always able to accommodate student preferences.