Human Research Ethics

Professor, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies

Your SKHS Unit Research Ethics Secretary is Josie Birchall who is available at  Her office is located in the SKHS Admin Office KHS 206A.


The majority of applications are submitted using the “Standard Application Form” and to the Unit REB (Research Ethics Board) for review. There are a few exceptions depending on your status and/or type of study. For example, all Faculty and Postdoctoral Fellows will complete and submit directly to GREB (General Research Ethics Board) versus everyone else (UG/Grad students, staff). Other types of forms that are available are those for “Secondary Use of Data” or “Self Study”. Once you have determined the appropriate form and ‘who’ to send your application to, the next step is to complete your CORE tutorial.

All applicants MUST complete the CORE Ethics Tutorial (CORE Ethics Online Tutorial) prior to submission and include a copy as an attachment. This also includes all persons listed as a co-investigator, supervisor, etc. on the application.


Once complete, you can follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Prepare your research proposal, methods, and questionnaire(s) as applicable.

Students (Meet with your supervisor to review your application and attach either an email or letter with their approval).

  1. TRAQ Registration.
  2. You are now ready to upload your application and all attachments to
  3. Log in to TRAQusing your Queen’s Net ID and password and complete the steps in sequence.
  4. Hit SUBMIT to finalize submission and send it to either the General Research Ethics Board (GREB) or the SKHS Unit REB (Research Ethics Board) for review.
  5. If you have submitted to GREB then from this point forward you will be communicating with their office until your application is approved.
  6. If you submitted to the SKHS Unit REB, then the following steps will be completed.


7.1 The Unit REB will be completed within three (3) weeks of your submission.

7.2. You will be notified through TRAQ if your submission requires edits (99% of application require edits)

7.3 Once your edits are complete (if applicable), you will resubmit your application to the Unit REB.

7.4 Your completed edits will have a final review from the Unit REB Chair with recommendation of either a delegated or Full Board review by GREB.

7.5 The GREB will then review your application and provide you with approval to proceed with project.


SKHS (School of Kinesiology & Health Studies) has a Unit Research Ethics Board (Unit REB) that assists in processing all research related documentation.  Your documentation will be reviewed by the Unit REB for accuracy, completeness, and to ensure that it follows all required policies, procedures and guidelines established by the University. 


Some ethics projects will require approval through the Health Sciences Research Board. To submit an application to the Health Science Board, you will submit directly to HREB.