Part-Time Studies Forms and Policies

Eligible students may apply to transfer from full-time, on campus studies to part-time off campus studies following their first two years of full-time study. These forms must be submitted 30 days in advance of the end of the term before the part-time status begins, ie. 01 Apr if you wish to begin part-time study effective 01 May.  It is recommended that you request at least 2 terms of part-time study even if your proposed time line is only one term.  This will allow for any unexpected unavailability of your supervisor or difficulty in confirming the oral thesis date.


Please complete the following steps and submit forms to the SKHS Graduate Assistant via email to: or hard copy mail to KHS 206.

1.  Prepare a Part-Time Studies Form, signed by both student and supervisor.

3.  Prepare a work study plan with your supervisor, identifying specific key dates for each remaining activity to complete the thesis document up to and including the proposed defense date or approximate date.  Both student and supervisor sign the Work Study Plan.  This plan may be in the form of an email between student and supervisor.

4.  If your reason for transferring to part-time is employment provide a letter from your employer confirming the employment.

Upon receipt of these documents, the SKHS Graduate Assistant will obtain signature from the SKHS Graduate Coordinator and/or Director as required and submit the request to the School of Graduate Studies for decision.  SGS will respond to the student, copied to the SKHS Graduate Assistant, with their final decision.