Brendon Gurd, Jacob Bonafiglia, and Nicholas Preobrazenski examine exercise myth: If you put in the work, you reap the benefits

A Queen's University study put 14 volunteers through a that involved cycling at 65 per cent of their peak work rate. For some people, 65 per cent of max was very hard, and they got much fitter; for others, it simply wasn’t challenging.


One of the fitness world’s dirtiest little secrets was exposed by a study conceived at Laval University in the late 1980s. Exercise, people liked to think, was a simple bargain: If you put in the work, you would reap the benefits.


But a recent study by Brendon Gurd, PhD, Jacob Bonafiglia, PhD Candidate, and Nicholas Preobrazenski, MSc Candidate in the SKHS Muscle Physiology Lab bursts that bubble showing that fitness wasn't fair for all.


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