Lucie Lévesque and Lab Team Members participate in Indigenous Mentorship Network of Ontario's 2019 Summer Institute

(snipped from the Gazette)

The Queen’s University Biological Station (QUBS) is known as one of the premier scientific field stations in the country, and typically hosts researchers studying ecology, evolution, conservation, geography, and environmental science. Earlier this summer, it also became a place 25 Indigenous and non-Indigenous post-secondary trainees in Indigenous health research and professional programs gathered together to connect with the land, scholarly mentors, Indigenous knowledge keepers, and with each other during the 2019 Summer Institute.

The IMN-O is an interdisciplinary collaboration involving 13 research institutions in Ontario, and includes many of the province's leading Indigenous health scholars and research centres.  Dr. Castleden serves as one of the network's principal investigators and was the Queen's lead in organizing the Summer Institute, alongside Dr. Lucie Levesque and Dr. Mike Green, and their project coordinator and Queen's master's student, Olivia Franks (ArtSci'19).

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