Your generosity these past years has culminated in the construction of our new building which opened in January 2010 - thank you!

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Thank You

Thanks to PHEKSA 2010-11 and PHEKSA 2011-12 Better Equipment Fund for gifting the School with our own logo sign and to PHEKSA Better Equipment for 2014-15 for a lobby info screen in the main lobby area of the SKHS building at 28 Division Street.



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Camp School News 

Just as it was in the 70's, Camp School and other activity-based learning opportunities remain a formative component of today's Physical Education, Kinesiology and Health Studies programs. Students tell us that "there is something about portaging a canoe over rocky trails while singing camp ditties that creates friendships and memories that endure forever as the best time we had at school". 

Letter from Bruce McFarlane (PhysEd'78) and Janice Heard (PhysEd '80)


SKHS Friends

We would like to express our appreciation for your ongoing and tireless support - we have been enjoying our beautiful and functional new facilities since Jan 2010 thanks to you !



There are many exciting new opportunities to support the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies that will be especially meaningful to you. The "power of many" creates lasting improvements to our teaching and research facilities.