Gerome Manson, PHD

PhD (University of Toronto and l’Université d’Aix Marseille)

MSc (University of Toronto)

BPHE (University of Toronto)

Office:  KINE 304

Contact Information


Telephone: 613-533-6000 x 79104

Sensorimotor Exploration Lab Website

Undergraduate Courses

KNPE 237 – Child and Adolescent Motor Development 

KNPE 254 – Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement

Research Summary

The objective of my research program is to understand the influence of sensory information on the planning and control of goal-directed actions. In particular, I am interested in the underlying processes that differentiate a movement made toward a target located on the body (i.e. a somatosensory target) versus a movement to an external object. I use a combination of sensory manipulations,  motion tracking, and neuroimaging to answer these questions.

Present Research Themes

  • The influence of visual information on the mapping of somatosensory target locations
  • The role of brain and spinal neural networks in the rapid control of movements to somatosensory targets
  • Multisensory perception during movements to somatosensory and visual targets


Student Opportunities


I am currently looking for undergraduate student volunteers who are interested in gaining research experience. Interested students should contact me with a brief summary of their interests and experiences via email.


I am currently accepting new graduate students at the Masters and Ph.D. level. Interested applicants should apply to the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program and to the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Please contact me for further information so that we can talk about your research interests.


Recent Publications

Manson, G. A., Calvert, J. S., Ling, J. F., Tychhon, B., Ali, A., & Sayenko, D. G. (2020). The relationship between tolerance and motor activation during transcutaneous spinal stimulation is unaffected by carrier frequency or vibration. Physiological Reports. 8:e14397.

Goodman, R., Manson, G. A., & Tremblay, L. (2020). Age-related differences in sensorimotor transformations for visual and/or somatosensory targets: planning or execution? Experimental Aging Research, 1–11. doi:

Welsh, T., Reid, C., Manson, G. A., Constable, M., & Tremblay, L. (2020). Susceptibility to the fusion illusion is modulated during both action execution and action observations. Acta Psychologica, 204, 103028.

Bested, S., Manson, G. A., & Tremblay, L. (2019). Combining unassisted and robot-guided golf putting optimizes motor learning. Journal of Motor Learning and Development, 7, 408–425.

Blouin, J., Saradijian, A., Pialasse, J. P., Manson, G. A., Mouchnino, L., & Simoneau, M. (2019). Two neural circuits to point towards home position after passive body displacements. 13, 70.

Calvert, J., Manson, G. A., Grahn, P., & Sayenko, D. (2019). Preferential activation of spinal sensorimotor networks via lateralized transcutaneous spinal stimulation in neurologically intact humans. Journal of Neurophysiology, 122(5), 2111.

Manson, G. A., Blouin, J., Kumawat, A. S., Crainic, V. A., & Tremblay, L. (2019). Rapid online corrections for upper limb reaches to perturbed somatosensory targets: evidence for non-visual sensorimotor transformation processes. Experimental Brain Research, 237, 839–853. doi:

Manson, G. A., Tremblay, L., Lebar, N., de Grosbois, J., Mouchnino, L., & Blouin, J. (2019). Auditory cues for somatosensory targets invoke visuomotor transformations: behavioral and electrophysiological evidence. PLoS One, 14(5), e0215518. doi:

Manson, G. A., Manzone, D., de Grosbois, J., Goodman, R., Wong, J., Reid, C., … Tremblay, L. (2018). Let us not play it by ear: auditory gating and audiovisual perception during rapid goal-directed action. IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, 10(3), 659–667. doi:10.1109/TCDS.2017.2773423

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