Plan Selection, First-Year Students


  • Overall university cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 at Queen’s.
  • Arts students must prove they have taken the  secondary school prerequisites required by Queen’s Admissions by submitting a secondary school transcript to the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies.  (Science students will have met these requirements.)
  • Recommended (not required) first-year courses: HLTH 101/3.0;  PSYC 100/6.0; and, 6.0 Natural and Physical Science course units.


  • Two to five Arts and Science students are normally accepted each year (the number of offers is directly related to how many spaces are available in the programs for the upcoming year and the quality of the applicant pool).
  • Decisions are based on academic performance at Queen’s.


  • During Plan Selection (two weeks in May) first-year students request a Kinesiology plan on SOLUS and they will be automatically placed on the pending list for consideration.   SOLUS will then inform students to select an alternate plan that they can be automatically accepted to.
  • Following Plan Selection, the SKHS will manually review all students on the pending list.  If accepted from the pending list, your plan information in SOLUS will be updated and a new entry denoting the change will be recorded on your SOLUS record and transcript.
  • After being accepted into Kinesiology, students will also be contacted directly by the School to ensure that they are registered into the appropriate core courses of the degree plan.