APPLICATION Deadline to begin studies in September 2019:

01 March 2019

(OGS deadline 01 March 2019)


1. Make Initial Contact with Potential Supervisor

  • Make initial contact with a faculty member/potential graduate supervisor  in your area of interest
  • Determine whether that faculty member is accepting students for the upcoming year
  • Describe what you would like to study at the graduate level to make sure this supervisor will be a "good fit" 
  • Faculty members make one-to-one decisions on which students to admit and supervise


2.  Read About Graduate Program Entrance Requirements


3.  Learn about Funding Award Opportunities


4.  Apply Now


5.  Part-Time Study

Please note we do not normally offer a part-time program at either the master’s or doctoral level of study.


6.  Career Options

What career options will be available with an SKHS Degree Kinesiology and Health Studies.  Click here to find out Where Are They Now?