Community-Based Programming and Evaluation

HLTH 417/3.0 Community-Based Programming and Evaluation 

This option course in both the HLTH Major and Medial plans includes a service-learning project in health promotion.  It is designed to advance student understanding of health promotion planning, implementation, and evaluation. This course uses a combination of seminar discussions and community-based activities to prepare students with core competencies required in health promotion and public health practice. A major focus of the course is a service-learning project completed in collaboration with a community partner.

Students will be expected to do some preparation in Fall Term – through a case study in HLTH 416 (based on community partner that they will work with) and initial meetings with partner and the SKHS Internship Coordinator to outline the scope of the Winter Term project.

Note:  This is a required course for the Movement and Health Mini-Stream and these students will be assigned to SECT 002 of the course.


HLTH 416/3.0

CGPA of 2.70 and permission of the SKHS UG Chair

Level 4 in a HLTH Major or Medial.

HLTH 417 Form

Students cannot register themselves into this course but request it by submitting the HLTH 417 Form to the SKHS UG Office.


SUN JUN 30, 2019


Students should submit the form by the final day of Advanced Course Sign-Up in May. 

After this date, approval to register will depend on the following:

  • Available seats.
  • Available community partners.
  • Completion of preliminary work in HLTH 416 if the form is submitted after September.


Until Open Enrolment at the end of July, only students in a HLTH Major will be enrolled.  If space still exits when Open Enrolment begins, those students in a HLTH Medial will be registered.

Enrolment Limit

50 students per year.