Registration Information

Students register in August for the following Fall-Winter academic session.  

2023 Undergraduate Newsletter – Issue 1 Registration
  • This annual  issue offers advice on all aspects of registration and is sent to all current students in advance of registration on SOLUS. 

2023-2024 SKHS Timetable (Updated June 13, 2023) 

The timetable is subject to change up to the start of term.

  • A complete list of courses offered in the Faculty of Arts & Science is in the “Courses of Instruction” section of the Arts & Science Calendar.
  • Not all courses in the Arts & Science Calendar are offered every year. The final timetable is posted on SOLUS in July.
1st Year Kinesiology 

You will be pre-registered in the following courses:

  • KNPE 125/3.0 Introduction to Human Physiology 
  • HLTH 101/3.0 Social Determinants of Health 
  • KNPE 153/3.0 Introductory Biomechanics 
  • KNPE 167/3.0 Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Sport and Physical Activity 
  • PSYC 100/6.0 Principles of Psychology 
  • BIOL 102/3.0 Introductory Biology of Cells (*optional; KIN students may swap this course for another option)
  • BIOL 103/3.0 Introductory Biology of Organisms (*optional; KIN students may swap this course for another option)
  • Your choice 6.0 units (we recommend Physical & Natural Science courses)
Registration Information Sessions:
1st Year SOAR (Summer Orientation to Academics & Resources) July 7 – 15, 2023 (more details to come).
Offered by the Faculty of Arts & Science
Registration Presentations (2023)
Going into Year 1 KIN July 19 5pm (Register using the link above)  KIN ConEd July 20 5pm  Register
Going Into Year 2 HLTH  Watch it
Going into Year 2 KIN Watch it
Going into Year 3 HLTH/KIN Watch it 
Going into Year 4 HTLH/KIN  Watch it 
Still have questions after reviewing the webinar? Contact the SKHS Academic Advisor, Vanessa McCourt.

Important Dates

2023-24 Registration Timelines:

  • June 26 – The final timetable will be posted on SOLUS (not all courses in the ASC Calendar are offered every year)
  • June 23 – June 30th – Advanced Course Sign-Up for 4th year students for 400-level Option courses (HLTH & KNPE seminars)
  • July 17 – Students access the Student Center to view appointment times & add courses to their Shopping Cart
  • July 24 – 31 – Restricted Enrolment period/ Appointment times
    • July 24:  Appointment Times issued to 1st Year  Arts Students
    • July 25:  Appointment Times issued to 1st Year Science Students (including Kinesiology)
    • July 26:  Appointment Times issued to all 4th Year Students
    • July 27:  Appointment Times issued to all 3rd Year Students
    • July 28:  Appointment Times issued to all 2nd Year Students
    • July 31:  Appointment Times issued to all Non-degree students (UASC) (including postgraduate students)
    • August 1st: Registration pause day begins at 12:00 am on Aug. 1st (no registration activity can take place)
    • Aug. 2nd – 6th: Second Enrollment period begins at 8:00 a.m.. All course reserves will be lifted at 8:00 am on August 2nd. 15.0 units per term limit enforced.
    • Aug. 7th – 20th: Registration Hiatus (no registration activity can take place). SKHS undergraduate staff will be on vacation.
    • Aug. 21st: Open Enrolment begins for all students. Student may add up to 18.0 units per term.
Attention Students Going into Fourth Year: Advanced Course Selection for 400-Level Courses

Fill out the survey between  June 23- June 30th, 2023 


  • Students going into fourth year of an Honours HLTH/KIN degree plan will need to request the 400-level or above option courses they’d like to take by filling out the survey (link will be in the UG Newsletter June 23rd & will be emailed to you again on June 26). The survey will close on June 30th, 2023. This ensures that all students have sufficient courses at that level to meet their degree requirements.
  • Students who do not participate in Advanced Course Sign-Up are assigned 400-level option courses based on their prerequisites and available seats.
  • Students doing independent study courses (e.g. HLTH/KNPE 595, etc.) do not add these courses to their shopping cart but should submit the required paperwork in advance of the summer registration period.
  • When fourth-year students register, they can make changes to their registration pending availability of seats in other courses. 

Individual advising appointments are available by booking online.

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