Important Update re: Winter 2021 Timetable

Please note that the Winter 2021 timetable has been updated (Nov. 2nd, 2020). All courses will be delivered remotely/online. Courses that do not include times (times are listed as TBA) will be run entirely asynchronously and there will be no ‘live’ sessions online. Courses that include times for course components involve synchronous sessions that are either mandatory or optional (e.g. for Q&A sessions with the instructor, demonstrations, etc.).  

Students are responsible for ensuring that there are no timetable conflicts between courses with mandatory time slots. Here is a list of HLTH and KNPE courses with times in the timetable that are either mandatory or optional:

Course CodeComponentMandatory or Optional
HLTH 333/3.0LEC and TUTMandatory
HLTH 352/3.0SEMMandatory
HLTH 417/3.0SEMMandatory
HLTH 430/3.0SEMMandatory
HLTH 434/3.0SEMMandatory
HLTH 495/3.0SEMMandatory
KNPE 167/3.0LEC and TUTMandatory
KNPE 227/3.0LECMandatory
KNPE 265/3.0LECOptional
KNPE 327/3.0LABMandatory (MON LEC is optional)
KNPE 331/3.0LEC and LABMandatory
KNPE 335/3.0WED LECMandatory (MON LEC is optional)
KNPE 336/3.0SEMMandatory
KNPE 337/3.0LEC and LABMandatory
KNPE 345/3.0LECOptional
KNPE 346/4.5SEMMandatory
KNPE 352/3.0SEMMandatory
KNPE 354/3.0LECMandatory
KNPE 355/3.0LEC and LABMandatory
KNPE 363/3.0LECOptional
KNPE 365/3.0LEC and LABMandatory
KNPE 429/3.0TUTMandatory
KNPE 436/3.0SEMMandatory
KNPE 446/4.5SEMMandatory
KNPE 450/3.0LEC and LABMandatory
KNPE 454/3.0LECMandatory (MON Lab is Optional)



Registration Information

Students register in July for the following Fall-Winter academic session.  The School posts course information as early as March so that students can begin to plan their strategies.

Issue 1 of the SKHS UG News
  • This annual  issue offers advice on all aspects of registration and is sent to all current students in advance of registration on SOLUS.

2020-21 Draft Timetable:  will be posted in advance of the March Registration Information sessions (see below).

2020-21 Draft Timetable :  Updated July 15, 2020.

  • Please work with the most up-to-date version, see date posted above. The timetable is subject to change up to the start of term.
  • Includes all courses being offered by term.  It also includes required prerequisites and states if the course leads to higher-level courses.  A complete list of courses offered in the Faculty of Arts & Science is in the “Courses of Instruction” section of the Arts & Science Calendar.
  • Not all courses in the Arts & Science Calendar are offered every year.  For courses offered through the SKHS (HLTH, KNPE and PACT) check the Draft Timetable above.  For all other courses, you will need to wait until the final timetable is posted on SOLUS in July.

Going into Second Year  PowerPoint (updated June 10, 2020)

Going into Third Year PowerPoint (updated June 10, 2020)

Going into Fourth Year  PowerPoint (updated June 10, 2020)

Still have questions after reviewing the PowerPoint Presentations? Contact the SKHS Academic Advisor, Vanessa McCourt.

Important Dates

Revised Registration Timelines for 2020-21

  • July 24th – The final timetable will be posted on SOLUS (not all courses in the ASC Calendar are offered every year)
  • July 27 – July 29th – Advanced Course Sign-Up for 400-level courses
  • Aug 4th – Students access the Student Center to view appointment times & add courses to their Shopping Cart
  • Aug 10 – 26th – Restricted Enrolment/ Appointment times
    • Aug 10:  Appointment Times issued to 1st Year Science Students
    • Aug 12:  Appointment Times issued to 1st Year Arts Students
    • Aug 17:  Appointment Times issued to all 4th Year Student
    • Aug 19:  Appointment Times issued to all 3rd   Year Students
    • Aug 24:  Appointment Times issued to all 2nd   Year Students
    • Aug 25:  Appointment Times issued to all Non-degree students (UASC)
    • Aug 31: Open Enrolment for all ASC students
Advance Course Selection for 400-Level or above Courses

Dates:  July 27th – July 29th, 2020


  • Students going into fourth year of an Honours HLTH/KIN degree plan will need to request the 400-level or above courses they’d like to take in 2020-21 by adding them to their shopping cart on SOLUS in order of preference during the dates listed above. This ensures that all students have sufficient courses at that level to meet their degree requirements.
  • Students that do not participate in Advanced Course Sign-Up are assigned 400-level courses based on their prerequisites and available seats.
  • Students doing independent courses (e.g. HLTH/KNPE 595, etc.) do not add these courses to their shopping cart but should submit the required paperwork in advance of the summer registration period.
  • When fourth-year students register, they can add, drop, or swap these courses.
  • Advanced Course Sign-Up Manual (Shopping Cart on SOLUS)

Individual advising appointments are available by booking online.

Other Resources

Students register in July for the following Fall-Winter academic session.  The School posts course information as early as March so that students can begin to plan their strategies.