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We have a number of research projects on the go within our lab group.  Some of our current projects are listed below.

Dr. Jennifer Tomasone

Stream 1: The Science and Practice of Knowledge Translation

  • ‘SCI&U’: Online health coaching for spinal cord injury self-management
  • Canadian Casebook of community-based exercise programs for persons with physical disabilities
  • Enhancing exercise guideline dissemination and implementation
  • Ontario Casebook of community-based exercise and recreational programs and qualified exercise professionals for cancer survivors

Stream 2: Physical Activity & Health Behaviour Change Theories and Frameworks

  • Use of theories to understand the experiences of volunteers who promote physical activity to person with physical disability
  • Exploring quality participation within physical activity programs for breast cancer survivors
  • Determining the effectiveness of a motivational interviewing intervention to enhance practicing physicians’ intentions and behaviours for physical activity counselling

Stream 3: Where My Research Streams Meet

  • Quality participation strategy list for community-based physical activity programs for persons with physical disabilities
  • Establishment of a cancer exercise program at Queen’s University
  • Integrating physical activity into the medical school curriculum
  • Examining the implementation-effectiveness relationship of the Prescription Exercise at Queen’s (PE-Q) program


Dr. Amy Latimer-Cheung

Stream 1: Developing Physical Activity Guidelines

  • Exploring the Feasibility of Engaging Youth, Parents, and Teachers with the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth through a Digital Experience

Stream 2: Constructing Effective Physical Activity Messages

  • Examining the role of physical activity in mitigating stereotypes of disability
  • Exploring Parents’ perceptions of the Canadian 24-Hour movement guidelines for Children and Youth
  • Time for a New Story: Circulating Alternative Narratives of Parasport Participation

Stream 3: Evaluating Practical Methods for Disseminating Physical Activity Methods

  • Exploring quality experiences in physical activity programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities

Stream 4: Examining How Physical Activity Messages Work

  • Examining ParticipACTION’s brand equity: A test of the brand equity pyramid.
  • An experimental test of the brand equity pyramid using the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth brand.
  • Perceptions of Inclusivity: The Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth

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