Dr. Amy Latimer-Cheung

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Amy Latimer Cheung

The overarching goal of my research program is to develop and test communication strategies that motivate people to move more and physical activity programs that are fulfilling and enjoyable. The specific aims of my research include:

Stream 1: Developing physical activity guidelines.
  • To investigate the development of consolidated physical activity guidelines for special populations and;
  • To evaluate new strategies for implementing the guidelines and motivating people to achieve them.
Stream 2: Constructing Effective Physical Activity Messages
  • To examine novel strategies for presenting standard physical activity messages that emphasize the health benefits of physical activity.
  • To establish novel benefits of physical activity participation (i.e., stigma management) and test messages that emphasize these novel benefits.
Stream 3: Evaluating Practical Methods for Disseminating Physical Activity Messages.
  • To examine the feasibility and efficacy of training healthcare professional to deliver effective evidence-based physical activity messages.
  • To investigate the importance of peers in communicating physical activity messages to others with a physical disability.
Stream 4: Examining How Physical Activity Messages Work
  • To examine depth of cognitive processing (i.e., whether a person scrutinizes a message or skims over it) as a potential mechanism underlying the effects of framed messages on physical activity.

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