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Jennifer Tomasone

The overarching goal of my research program is to close the gap between physical activity promotion research and practice.  Through innovative and applied projects, my research seeks to improve the design and delivery of effective physical activity services and programs, and thus, has the potential to improve the health of Canadians.  The three populations my research focuses on are adults with physical disabilities, cancer survivors, and health care professionals and trainees. The specific aims of my research include:

Stream 1: The Science and Practice of Knowledge Translation
  • To synthesize physical activity knowledge into tools and interventions that are useful to multiple stakeholders (end-users, health care professionals, community organizations, and researchers) in the real-world.
  • To enhance the use of physical activity research, tools and interventions in a practical setting by engaging these multiple stakeholders in interdisciplinary, participatory research.
Stream 2: Physical Activity & Health Behaviour Change Theories and Frameworks
  • To explore whether the inclusion of moderators, mediators, and/or the integration of several frameworks/theories may help us understand the application of research evidence and theory in practice, so we can better design and implement physical activity- and health-promoting interventions
Stream 3: Where My Research Streams Meet
  • To develop, implement and evaluate physical activity programs and educational interventions at Queen’s University, in the Kingston community, and across Ontario and Canada.

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