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Emily Tennant MSc

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Emily completed her MSc under the supervision of Dr. Latimer-Cheung. Her thesis investigated how disability and para-sport are represented in the media. During her Master’s, she was also involved in research on the uptake of the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth. Previously, Emily completed a BA in Communications and Psychology from the University of Ottawa. Currently, Emily is the Clinical Research Coordinator of the Ottawa Hospital’s Interdisciplinary Pain Research Lab. At her job, Emily applies skills and knowledge she gained with the RevvedUp Research Group in disability studies, behavioural psychology, research ethics, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and manuscript writing. Her current work explores chronic pain, mental health, and developing accessible pain-management resources.

Kate Andrusko MSc

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Kate completed her Master’s degree under the supervision of Dr. Amy Latimer-Cheung in August 2018. Her thesis was entitled “A snapshot of quality participation in physical activity for individual with developmental disabilities: a photo-elicitation study”. Kate is currently completing her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy at Queen’s University where she hopes to continue working with individuals with developmental disabilities within a primary health care team.

Stephanie Flood MSc

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Stephanie completed her Master’s degree under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Tomasone in September 2018. Her thesis focused on developing, delivering, and evaluating the effectiveness of educational workshops on medical residents’ behaviour for discussing physical activity with patients. During her Master’s she was also involved in re-developing, delivering and evaluating the Prescription Exercise at Queen’s program which offered students with depression and/or anxiety the option to supplement their counselling with physical activity. Currently, Stephanie is the Project Coordinator for the team developing the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Adults and Older Adults.

Dr. Alex Lithopoulos PhD

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Dr. Lithopoulos is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow working with Dr. Ryan Rhodes in the Behavioural Medicine Laboratory at the University of Victoria. He completed his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Amy Latimer-Cheung. His dissertation work focused on branding in the promotion of optimal levels of behaviours such as physical activity and sedentary behaviour. He now continues to promote a healthy lifestyle in his role in Victoria, BC, by working on a variety projects aimed at conceptualizing and measuring variables that may explain why people are physically active.

Dr. Veronica Allan PhD

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Dr. Allan completed her PhD under the co-supervision of Dr. Amy Latimer-Cheung and Dr. Jean Côte in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies at Queen’s University. Her program of research uses innovative quantitative and qualitative methodologies to explore topics such as quality participation, athlete development, and coaching in youth and disability sport contexts. She is currently completing a Fellowship in Global Journalism in the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto. As a researcher and a journalist, Dr. Allan applies an evidence-informed lens to sport-related trends and issues. She hopes to use her skillset to spark interest, raise awareness, and promote knowledge translation in areas of sport that are not typically seen in the headlines.

Dr. Celina Shirazipour PhD

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Dr. Shirazipour’s research focuses on physical activity promotion for individuals with disabilities, particularly military personnel with physical and mental illness and injury. Dr Shirazipour earned her PhD from Queen’s University under the supervision of Dr. Amy Latimer-Cheung and is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Faculty of Health at Dalhousie University, as well as a visiting Postdoctoral Fellow with the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education at the University of Toronto.

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