Research Centres, Groups & Labs

The School's researchers are all internationally-recognized in their various fields of study.  In addition to their own research, they serve as editors on major journals.  Three of the faculty members are Canada Research Chairs in their respective fields.

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Biomechanics and Ergonomics Lab

The biomechanics team examines human performance and safety and designs products that will optimize human performance at work or play.

Centre for Environmental Health Equity

The Centre for Environmental Health Equity (CEHE) works with communities to build knowledge that contributes to healthy and just environments for all.

Human Vascular Control Lab

To understand the nature of mechanisms controlling blood vessels involved in adjusting exercising muscle blood flow (and thereby oxygen delivery), how disturbances and disease affect this control, and how exercise training can restore/improve this control.

Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Research Unit
Muscle Physiology Lab
Physical Activity Epidemiology Lab

The mission of the Physical Activity and Epidemiology Laboratory at Queen’s University is to improve the health of Canadians through research, increasing public awareness, and advocacy around issues related to physical activity and obesity.

Psychology of Sport Lab

Our mission is to be the best students, teachers, academics and people we can possibly be. We will do something every day that brings us closer to our goals. Together we will foster an environment rich with hard work, creative thinking, collaboration, humour and friendship.

Socio-Cultural Studies of Sport, Health and the Body

Cultural studies of sport, health and the body, feminist theory; interpretive methodologies; historical analyses, gender, sexuality and sport; masculinities; queer subjectivities.