Independent Courses

Independent courses are intended to provide students with an opportunity to earn course credits while conducting an intensive study of a specific topic or research question. These courses are designed to be a self-directed study conducted under the supervision of a faculty member. This experience is of particular value for students who want to provide additional evidence of their academic abilities in their applications to post-degree or graduate programs.

All independent project courses are restricted to level 4 students in Health Studies (Major or Medial plans only) or Kinesiology  and require permission of a faculty supervisor and the SKHS Undergraduate Chair.

Detailed Instructions about Independent Courses

This document contains detailed information to assist students who would like to explore taking an independent course including information about requirements, developing a course proposal, finding a supervisor and registration approval.

Independent study opportunities in 2023-24 (Updated on May 15th, 2023)

Survey of Research and Literature

Independent study involving a critical review of the literature on an approved topic of specialization.  This opportunity trains students how to research a topic in depth by reviewing the current literature on a topic agreed between them and a professor.

  • KNPE 456/3.0 Form:  Survey of Research and Literature in Kinesiology and Physical and Health Education

Special Project

Students do an independent project in an area of specialization in health enhancement, disease prevention, and human performance – or in an area of specialization in Health Studies.

Honours Thesis

An independent study involving a research proposal and project on an approved topic in the area of health enhancement, disease prevention, and human performance. A minimum GPA of 3.50 is a prerequisite for HLTH/KNPE 595.

HLTH 595/6.0 Form:  Honours Thesis in Health Studies

KNPE 595/6.0 Form:  Honours Thesis in Kinesiology and Physical and Health Education