Laboratory-Based Course Experiences

New treadmills in the SKHS undergraduate student lab

Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory

The School of Kinesiology and Health Studies is very pleased to welcome our Kinesiology students back into our newly renovated undergraduate teaching laboratory this upcoming term. The UG Lab is fully operational and ready for fall 2022 courses. Highlights of the recent improvements include:

  • Upgraded equipment and data acquisition software which will allow students to conduct cutting-edge experiments in many different research  fields in Kinesiology.
  • The UG Lab space has been refreshed with painting, lighting and a new clean-up and equipment storage room within the UG lab itself.
  • There is also a new gender-inclusive change room facility adjacent to the UG Lab, along with an accessible gender-inclusive washroom and shower facility.
  • Amongst the newly acquired lab equipment are two brand-new treadmills which were purchased by recent Kinesiology alumni through the PHEKSA 2019-2020 Better Equipment Fund.