Change of Plan, Upper-Year Students


Admission into HLTH plans in upper years is highly competitive. It is based on grade in HLTH 101, overall GPA and space available in each plan.  To be eligible, students must have obtained a minimum of a B- in HLTH 101 and a cumulative GPA of 2.3 to make the request for a plan change.  The cut-off for admission into the Major, Joint Honours and Minor plans for upper year students varies each year depending on the applicant pool. Grade cut-offs in HLTH 101 and GPA are often much higher than the minimum required. 


  • The School will not know how many available places there are for upper-year changes into Health Studies plans until after all the first-year students are in degree plans. Normally there are limited places available.
  • Upper year applicants are ranked first by grade received in HLTH 101 and then by cumulative GPA. 


  • In May each year, students can request an upper-year change of plan on the Faculty of Arts and Science website during Plan Selection.
  • Following Plan Selection, the SKHS will manually review all students on the pending lists.  If accepted from the pending list, your plan information in SOLUS will be updated and a new entry denoting the change will be recorded on your SOLUS record and transcript.