Plan Requirements

The ‘Academic Requirements’ section on the Student Online University System (SOLUS) outlines the requirements for a student’s degree plan (taken from the ASC Calendar). Using this resource, students are able to review their academic progress through their degree program as they register for and complete courses.

Degree Audit Forms

The School provides a PDF of the HLTH degree requirements as approved in the Arts & Science Calendar. These Degree Audit forms state which year to take specific courses and provides a manual way of tracking your progress.

For archived Degree Audit Forms please email SKHS


Core Courses:  These courses are required; they must be taken in order to graduate.

Option Courses:  With certain restrictions, students are free to choose courses from an approved list of courses.

Arts and Science electives:  In addition to the courses required for their HLTH plan (core and option), students must take a specific number of courses in any subject at any level (e.g. Humanities, Natural and Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, etc.).


Note:  The SKHS updates the HLTH plan requirements annually.  Students may complete the plan requirements for the year that they were admitted to HLTH, or they may complete the current program – whichever works to their advantage.