Health Sciences

Reminder:  Students entering Queen’s as of 2016-17 are limited to 6.0 units towards their degree from other Faculties (e.g. Applied Science, Commerce, Health Sciences, Law, Nursing, etc.).  Please see section Courses of Instruction in Other Faculties and Schools in the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar. Course codes that are outside of the Faculty of Arts and Science include:  BMED, COMM, GLPH, LAW, NURS, PACT as well as course codes from Applied Sciences (APSC, CHEE, CIVL, CMPE, ELEC, ENCH, ENPH, GEOE, MECH, MINE, MNTC, MTHE, SURP).

The following courses will count in the Natural and Physical Science category.

  • BMED 270/3.0  Fundamentals of Health Research Methodology * This course is an exclusion to HLTH 252/3.0
  • BMED 370/3.0  Genetics and Genomics
  • REPD 372/3.0   Reproduction and Development (formerly BMED 372/3.0)
  • CANC 380/3.0  Evolutionary Biology of Cancer (formerly BMED 380/3.0)
  • BMED 381/3.0 Clinical and Diagnostic Chemistry
  • BMED 383/3.0  Advanced Research Methodologies
  • BMED 384/3.0  Integrative Laboratory Studies (equivalent course to LISC 390)
  • BMED 470/3.0 Principles of ‘Omics’
  • REPD 473/3.0   Developmental Origins of Health & Disease
  • BMED 480/3.0 Clinical Applications of Human Anatomy (Online)
  • BMED 483/3.0  Advanced Topics in Infectious Disease
  • BCHM 482/3.0  Proteomics and Metabolomics (formerly BMED 482/3.0)