Ian Gilchrist

Contact Information

Ian A. Gilchrist, PT, PhD

Email:  ian.gilchrist@queensu.ca

Tel:  613-533-2666

Office:  KHS 301A

Undergraduate Courses

KNPE 400 – Professional Issues in Allied Health (Fall 2019)

Research Interests

My doctoral research focused on the measurement of static strength capacity and neuromuscular coordination of the neck muscles, specifically examining the capacity of the neck to quickly develop internal stiffness to stabilize the head and neck system. This research has wide-reaching biomechanical applications from, 1) risk management for sport-related head and upper cervical spine injuries; 2) occupational injury mechanisms, such as the development of neck pain associated with helicopter flight among military aircrew; and 3) clinical rehabilitation, such as conditioning strategies and rehabilitation program evaluation for musculoskeletal neck injuries. I am currently commencing research investigating the effects of exhaustive aerobic fatigue on standing posture and motor control of the head and neck.

After graduating from the Queen’s Physical Therapy program, I have worked as a physical therapist in an acute care setting at the Kingston General Hospital, as well as in private practice orthopaedic settings. While completing my doctoral degree, I held Teaching Fellowships in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy where I taught senior-level physical therapy courses, Paediatrics (PT861) and Motor Performance in Occupation (PT865A).