Sarvenaz Heirani Moghaddam

Sarvenaz is a PhD student in the area of Motor Control and Biomechanics working with Dr. Gerome Manson at Queen’s University and Dr. Erin Cressman at University of Ottawa. Her research interest is characterizing neuromechanics of motor learning in healthy populations using robotics. In addition to her studies, Sarvenaz is an ergonomics consultant working with the Queen’s Ergonomics Consulting Program and a certified personal trainer working in the Revved Up Exercise Program.

Master of Science, 2020, University of Ottawa
Bachelor of Kinesiology, 2018, University of British Columbia

Contact information:

Undergraduate Course: KNPE 354 – Occupational Biomechanics and Physical Ergonomics

Recent Publications:
Heirani Moghaddam, S., Chua, R. & Cressman, E.K. Assessing and defining explicit processes in visuomotor adaptation. Exp Brain Res 239, 2025–2041 (2021).

Heirani Moghaddam, S., Decarie, A., Chua, R., & Cressman, E. K. (2022). Assessing explicit processes does not influence the magnitude of implicit processes. Neuroscience Letters, 766(August 2021), 136341–136341.