Contract Offer

TF Contract Offer
  1. The SKHS Grad Assistant will forward TF contract offers via email to the TF.
  2. The TF will accept the TF contract offer by ticking the “Yes” box, resave the document with the same name, and return it to the SKHS Grad Assistant.
  3. The SKHS Grad Assistant will prepare an online TF payment contract for each TF contract for Term. 
  4. The TF will accept each online TF contract to initiate regular monthly TF payments for each of their TF contracts for each Term of that academic session.
  5. The SKHS Grad Assistant will forward the TF letter of recommendation, complete with the TF current cv, and a copy of the TF payment contract, to the A&S Staffing Officer.
  6. The A&S Staffing Officer will approve and make recommendation for the TF appointment to the University Provost.
  7. The University Provost will forward a Letter of Offer to the TF.
  8. The TF signs the Letter of Offer, retains a copy, and gives the original to the SKHS Grad Assistant for final processing.