Teaching Fellows are evaluated through the Queen’s USAT policy.   

What is USAT?

USAT is the acronym for the University Survey of Student Assessment of Teaching. This evaluation process is referred to as such under Article 29.3 of the Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA) Collective Agreement.

Using the USAT process, courses and instructors are evaluated through student responses to four university-wide evaluation items, up to seven department-chosen items, and up to ten instructor-chosen items. The evaluation statements are printed on scannable forms and require a response ranging from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”. The form includes space for comments, which students are encouraged to complete in order to give instructors specific feedback.

USAT is designed to evaluate each instructor, so that students in a course with several instructors will be asked to evaluate each instructor separately. There will be only one evaluation for each course/section/instructor, so that full courses continuing from the fall to the winter term will be evaluated once towards the end of the winter term.

The SKHS Undergraduate Secretary will communicate with SKHS TFs directly regarding SKHS USAT evaluation key dates, delivery of USAT forms, policies, procedures, and how student representatives in your class will assist with performing the evaluation at the end of Term.

Queen’s USAT instructions, policies and procedures