Exam Regulations

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Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is fundamental to all scholarly activities, including the examination process. Queen’s University adheres to the definition articulated by the Centre for Academic Integrity, namely, that academic integrity is made up of the five core values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility. Honesty appears in presenting one’s own work and in acknowledging dependence on the words or ideas of another. Trust promotes belief in the value and meaning of an institution’s scholarship and degrees. Fairness is embodied in clear standards, practices and procedures. Respect is shown by participating in academic activities to the best of one’s abilities. Responsibility requires one to accept personal accountability for upholding academic integrity.

This overview is adopted from the Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity. The Queen’s University Policy on Academic Integrity is intended to supplement the policy on Academic Dishonesty presently found in University calendars and posted on the web at Academic Integrity @ Queen’s.

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