Teaching Assistant

Positions Available for SKHS Graduate Applicants Only


SKHS Graduate Students in Preference Group A will be given priority - see PSAC 901 TA TF Collective Agreement for definition.

Be sure to select TA positions that do not conflict with your graduate course attendance schedule.

  • Full List of SKHS TA positions available in Fall 2017 or Winter 2018
  • SKHS Graduate Timetable 2017-2018


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All teaching assistantships are governed by the PSAC 901 TA/TF Collective Agreement. Contact PSAC 901:  info@psac901.org 


Positions Available for All Other Applicants


Position #1 - EXTENDED


Fall 2017 - KNPE 261 - Motor Behaviour

How Many:  Up to 2 TAs required

# of Hrs Per TA Assignment:  80 hrs, may include marking assignments

How to Apply:   Send a one page PDF via email to the SKHS Graduate Assistant at aam2@queensu.ca indicating:

  • how your current degree and experience directly relates to the area of study of this course
  • indicate whether you have served as a TA for this course in the past
  • explain what other skills and/or background you have that makes you an ideal candidate

Process:  Successful applicants may be asked to attend a short interview with the SKHS Undergraduate Coordinator and/or course instructor

Decision:  Successful applicants will be offered the position, in ranked order, via email by the SKHS Graduate Assistant.  Once all positions have been accepted, remaining applicants will be notified of results via email.

Deadline to Apply:  Thursday 24 August 2017 by noon hour