Apply Now

* Please note the application deadline for Fall 2022 applications has been extended to April 1, 2022.*

Fall 2022 applications are by April 1, 2022 to qualify for internal funding. 

1. Make Initial Contact with Potential Supervisor BEFORE you submit your application

  • Make initial contact with a faculty member/potential graduate supervisor  in your area of interest
  • Determine whether that faculty member is accepting students for the upcoming year
  • Describe what you would like to study at the graduate level to make sure this supervisor will be a “good fit”
  • Faculty members make one-to-one decisions on which students to admit and supervise

2.   Read our Master’s Grad Map – for Progression Thru to Degree

3.   How to Apply on the School of Graduate Studies Website

4.  Additional Documents 

As part of the application, we require that applicants also send us 3 additional documents. Please provide the following items in MS Word or PDF version and they will be added to your graduate application file:

  1. Current CV
  2. Sample of writing (ie. lab report, assignment, mini-thesis chapter etc.)
  3. Statement of interest – no word limit

The above documents can be sent to . When your file is complete, we will circulate it to faculty members for consideration.

4.   Click HERE to learn How to Write a Great Statement of Interest