Apply Now

We are now accepting applications for the 2024-2025 academic year!

Thank you for your interest in our graduate programs! The deadline to apply is April 1, 2024 @ 11:59pm EST. 

The School of Kinesiology and Health Studies (SKHS) admits graduate students on a one-to-one basis with faculty supervisors. To be admitted into our program, you must be accepted by a faculty member who agrees to be your supervisor for the duration of your studies. As such, you are required to identify a potential supervisor prior to applying.

Steps to Apply

Step 1: Review the SKHS entrance requirements for our programs
Step 2: Make initial contact with a potential supervisor BEFORE you submit your application. 
  • Make initial contact with a faculty member/potential graduate supervisor in your area of interest to determine whether they are accepting students for the 2024-2025 academic year
  • Provide a brief description of your research interests and your academic background
  • Faculty members make one-to-one decisions on which students to admit and supervise
Step 3: Review the SGSPA application guidelines and Start your online application
  • The School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (SGSPA) oversees all applications to our program. Before starting your application, please review the SGSPA guidelines here: How to Apply. 
  • Start your application here: SGSPA Application

Step 4: Submit required additional documents to SKHS Graduate Administrator at

In addition to your documents submitted through the SGSPA online application, our graduate programs require the submission of three additional documents: 

  1. Current CV
  2. Writing Sample: this should be a piece of your original work (i.e., a lab report, assignment, mini-thesis chapter, etc.) that demonstrates your preparedness for graduate-level studies. There is no page recommendation or requirement. 
  3. Statement of Interest OR Research Proposal: describe your research interests or present your research proposals. Maximum 2 pages, double-spaced.

These documents must be submitted to SKHS Graduate Administrator, Clara Langley, at Please attach the files in MS Word or PDF format. 

Please note: your application will be considered incomplete until these documents are provided. 

Step 5: Reach out with questions! 

If you have any questions or concerns about the application and admission process or about our graduate programs, please contact the SKHS Graduate Administrator, Clara, at

Application Considerations

Funding your graduate studies

The School of Kinesiology and Health Studies offers guaranteed funding packages for all graduate students. Our packages include funding from several sources, but notably from Queen’s Graduate Awards and Teaching Assistantship employment. Please see our Financial Support Overview.

Queen’s University, please visit the School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs’ funding guide

International Applicants

The School of Kinesiology and Health Studies welcomes applications from individuals outside of Canada. International students at Queen’s must obtain a study permit issued by the Canadian government. There may be other visa requirements depending on the student’s country of origin. The Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) offers information about applying for these documents, as well as additional support for mandatory health insurance, housing, and more.

English is the language of instruction and communication at Queen’s, except for language departments. Proficiency in English is a prerequisite for admission. Those applicants whose native languages do not include English will be required to obtain satisfactory standing in an English Language Proficiency Test before acceptance is granted. See Step 4 of How to Apply for more information on English Language Proficiency Test requirements.