Financial Support Overview

How do I pay for Graduate School?

What Basic Funding is Available to all Students?

The School offers competitive funding packages for all graduate students including Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships via supervisors, and internal funding awards through a competitive process, and Queen’s graduate allocation funding.  Funding award opportunities are also available through external funding agencies.

Funding Eligibility - Lifetime Restrictions

You must not exceed the lifetime maximum of six (6) years of government-funded student awards, i.e. 2 years at the master’s level and 4 years at the doctoral level.

Funding Eligibility - Grades

The minimum eligibility average for applicants for OGS and Tri-Council Funding Awards (CIHR/NSERC/SSHRC) is the equivalent of one of either:   A-  /  80%  /  3.7 GPA overall grade average in your last twenty 3.0 GPA / 0.5 credit courses.

The calculation varies by award type and will be calculated in one of three ways:

  • all grades from the last 2 years of study combined
  • average for each of the last two years calculated separately
  • average of 20 of the most recent grades noted on your transcript

If you are unsure of your overall average, and you are a current Queen’s student, send an email to the SKHS Graduate Assistant at:  and request that your current average be calculated for funding application purposes – please include your Queen’s ID #. 

If you are a student external to Queen’s, you may either request that your own university run your grade average for you, or send an unofficial transcript to the SKHS Graduate Assistant via email at:  for calculation to verify your eligibility.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

All eligible SKHS graduate students are required to apply for Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS).  Application to OGS ensures your eligibility for other internal fellowship award opportunities offered by the School.  Applications are due 01 March each year.

Funding Award Eligibility = A- or 80% minimum overall average on last twenty 3.0 GPA credit courses completed

CIHR / NSERC / SSHRC Funding Award Information (Tri-Council Funding)

Tri-Council Funding Agencies – Harmonized CGS Award

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) – Value ~$17,500 – $21,000

National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) – Value ~$17,300 – $22,000

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) – Value = $17,500 – $35,000/yr

Special Feature at SKHS/Queen’s University – Tri-Council Top-Up Funding Awards

All incoming master’s and incoming doctoral students who receive a Tri-Council Funding Award in their first year of graduate studies, will ALSO RECEIVE a Queen’s Tri-Council Top-Up Funding Award – AUTOMATICALLY – in addition to your original CIHR/NSERC/SSHRC Tri-Council Funding Award 

Queen’s University Master’s Tri-Council Top-Up Funding Award – Value $5,000 in Year 1 in addition to your original Tri-Council Funding Award

Queen’s University Doctoral Tri-Council Top-Up Funding Award – Value $10,000 in Year 1 in addition to your original Tri-Council Funding Award

CIHR / NSERC / SSHRC Funding Award Information (Tri-Council Funding)

Awards & Funding Opportunities

Queen’s University Funding Opportunities

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) – Value = $15K
  • Queen’s Internal Fellowship Awards – Value = $6K – $10K (average), some $15K, some $40K
  • Queen’s Graduate Awards (QGA) – Value = $7.0K (approximate)

Eligibility:  Candidates for Queen’s Fellowship awards must be eligible for and have applied for OGS funding. 

Process OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship):  Candidates nominated for an OGS award are identified by the SKHS Graduate Subcommittee through the student’s OGS Award application – no other action is required by the student.

Process Queen’s Internal Fellowship Awards:  Candidates nominated for a Queen’s Fellowship award are identified by SKHS Graduate Subcommittee and ranked using the student’s OGS application – no other action is required by the student.

Process QGA (Queen’s Graduate Award): Candidates are identified to receive QGA allocation by the SKHS Graduate Subcommittee – no other action is required by the student.

Teaching Assistantships

All full-time students receive teaching assistantships – Approximate Value ~$7.0K per year.  Value changes yearly. Eligible students are notified in July each year.

Research Assistantships

Offered through individual supervisors.

How to Ask for A Reference Letter