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  • Bachelor of Science (Honours), Subject of Specialization, Kinesiology
  • Bachelor of Science (General), Kinesiology

Queen’s Admission

Students apply to Queen’s Science (QS) through the OUAC (Ontario Universities Application Centre) website.

Secondary School prerequisites include:

  • English 4U;
  • Biology 4U;
  • Advanced Functions 4U;
  • Two of Chemistry 4U, Physics 4U, or Calculus and Vectors 4U.

Note – Students may only apply for a four-year BSC (Honours) Kinesiology. If a student chooses to leave after three years, they may request a change of plan to the three-year BSC (General) Kinesiology degree in consultation with the SKHS Academic Advisor.

Arts and Science students may request a Kinesiology plan on SOLUS during the Program Selection period in May.

Arts and Science students may ask for a change of plan to Kinesiology  through the Faculty of Arts & Science during the Plan Selection period in May.

Understand the Kinesiology Degree by looking at the plan requirements, course summaries, and more!