OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship)

How to Apply for OGS Funding


01 March 2022 by 11:59 pm  —  to submit applications for the 2023-24  academic session (Sep 2023 to Aug 2024): 

A competition is adjudicated at the unit level for domestic applicants (Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada) and a separate competition is adjudicated at the University level for international applicants.

OGS for New Graduate Students – i.e. for students who will be applying for graduate studies with SKHS commencing Sept 2023 at either the master’s or the doctoral level – please PICK THE NEW STUDENT BOX on the Online OGS application login

OGS for Continuing Graduate Students – i.e. students who are currently SKHS graduate students who will be entering their second year of master’s studies or their second, third or fourth year of doctoral studies please PICK THE CONTINUING STUDENT OGS BOX on the Online OGS application login

All SKHS OGS application documents will be submitted electronically online by the applicant and accessible by the SKHS Graduate Assistant.  All eligible applicant files will be printed and prepared for internal ranking by the SKHS Graduate Subcommittee. Results are normally available in June or July.

Incoming SKHS Graduate Students – please remind your OGS Referees that they do NOT need to complete an OGS reference letter for incoming SKHS Graduate Student applicant – we will use the student’s SKHS graduate application reference letter for OGS as well. 

SKHS faculty member OGS Referees are reminded that SKHS will contact you directly to complete your OGS reference letter as required for all new and continuing students.  You do not need to submit your reference letter until that time so please disregard any other Queen’s/OGS prompts requesting your letters for SKHS applicants until you receive notification from the SKHS Graduate Subcommittee.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program Application