Brendon Gurd, PhD

PhD (University of Western Ontario)

BSc (University of Western Ontario)

BPhED (Brock University)


Contact Information


Telephone:  613-533-6000 x79023

Office:  KINE 304


Undergraduate Courses

HLTH 252 - Introduction to Research Methods

KNPE 339 - Advanced Exercise Metabolism

KNPE 439 - Critical Appraisal and Translation of Muscle Physiology Research


Graduate Courses

KHS 884 - Muscle Physiology


Research Summary

My primary research aim is to understand the mechanisms by which both different intensities and different types of exercise improve mitochondrial function. In addition, I am interested in the impact that these improvements in mitochondrial function have in both health and disease. My research is currently has 3 main goals. First, to quantify the intensities of various different types of exercise across a range of skill and fitness levels. Second, to examine changes in both whole body fitness and mitochondrial function following exercise training of differing types and intensities and how these changes differ between active, sedentary, and overweight/obese young adults. Third, to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying exercise induced mitochondrial biogenesis, specifically, to explore post-translational regulation of PGC-1alpha following exercise. It is hoped that this research will help increase our understanding of the mechanisms by which exercise can improve health and the optimal intensities and types of exercise to activate these mechanisms.


Graduate Student Opportunities

Currently seeking master's and doctoral students to commence studies.


Recent Publications

For current publications visit the lab website below



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