Courtney Szto, PhD

PhD (Simon Fraser University)

MSc (University of Toronto)

BHK (University of British Columbia)


Contact Information

Telephone: 613-533-6000 x78368
Office: KINE 301T


Undergraduate Courses

KNPE 167 - Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Sport and Physical Activity

KNPE 397 - TBC


Research Summary

My research is largely activist driven and broadly explores the relationship between physical cultures and intersectional justice. I question power relations and try to complicate our understanding of how, when, and where sport and/or physical cultures can be used to address issues of injustice. My doctoral research focused on South Asian experiences in ice hockey. I used the hockey rink as a site to examine cultural citizenship and post-9/11 racial discrimination in Canada. I plan to continue examining “race” and citizenship in Canadian hockey culture by studying the development of ethnically segregated sporting spaces. I am also branching into environmental studies with a critical exploration of how sporting goods are designed and how these decisions impact the end-of-life-stage of products.


Graduate Student Opportunities

I am interested in supervising graduate students working in the areas of (new) media studies, intersectionality/intersectional justice, anti-racism, consumption culture, corporate social responsibility, (cultural) citizenship, fat activism, athlete activism, environmental sustainability/justice, outdoor culture (e.g., hiking, camping, mountaineering, climbing etc.), and public memory. Eligible students are expected to apply for SSHRC, CIHR, OGS and other available scholarship opportunities.


Recent Publications

  • Szto, C. & Gruneau, R.(2018). The Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi Broadcast: A case study in ethnic sports media. In J. Anderson & J. Ellison (eds.), Hockey: Challenging Canada’s game. Ottawa-Gatineau: University of Ottawa Press.
  • MacDonald, C., Szto, C. & Edwards, J.(2017). The Game That No One Saw: Evaluating the cultural citizenship and legitimacy of women’s professional hockey through the Inaugural Women’s Winter Classic. In A. Milner & J.H. Braddock II (eds.), Women in Sports: Breaking Barriers, Facing Obstacles. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.
  • Hayhurst, L.M.C. & Szto, C.(2016). Corporatizing activism through sport-focused social justice?: Investigating Nike’s Corporate Responsibility initiatives in Sport for Development and Peace. Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 40(6), 522-544.
  • Gray, S. & Szto, C.(2016).A reflection of reality? The consumption and reproduction of obesity discourses by The Biggest Loser viewers through Facebook.The Journal of Social Media in Society, 5(3), 214-243.
  • Szto, C.(2016).#LOL at multiculturalism: Reactions to Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi from the Twitterverse. Sociology of Sport Journal, 33(3), 208-218.
  • Szto, C.(2015). Serving up change? Gender mainstreaming and the UNESCO-WTA partnership for global gender equality. Sport in Society, 18(8), 895-908.
  • Norman, M., Ventresca, M., Szto, C. & Darnell, S.(2015). ‘Driving to the Net’: Frames and politics in the New York Islanders’ stadium saga.Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 39(1), 19-39. doi: 10.1177/0193723514541282
  • Szto, C. & Gray, S.(2015). Forgive me Father for I have thinned: Surveilling the bio-citizen through Twitter. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health, 7(3), 321-337.  doi: 10.1080/2159676X.2014.938245
  • Szto, C.(2013). Saving lives with soccer and shoelaces: The hyperreality of Nike (RED).Sociology of Sport Journal, 30,
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