Eun-Young Lee, PhD

Post-Doctorate (University of Alberta; Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario)

PhD (University of Alberta)

MA (Yonsei University)

BSc (Yonsei University)


Contact Information


Telephone: 613-533-6000 x74013

Office:  KHS 307


Undergraduate Courses

HLTH 323 - Introduction to Epidemiology


Graduate Courses


KHS 891  - Statistics


Research Summary

My overarching research agenda focuses on physical activity and population health in cross-cultural and global contexts, with specific interests in the levels and determinants of 24-hour movement behaviour in young people (0-17 years). The ultimate goal of my research program is to generate knowledge that can inform the development of public health programs and policies that equitably promote physically active living for the young Canadian population and populations around the world. The specific aims of my research include:

  1. Monitoring the levels and correlates of 24-hour movement behaviours (i.e., physical activity, sedentary behaviour, sleep) in diverse population groups;
  2. Conducting cross-cultural and local-based comparative studies investigating how intra-personal (e.g., age, gender, income, race/ethnicity, immigration status), inter-personal (e.g., family, peers), and environmental (e.g., built environment, childcare, school, neighbourhood) variations in 24-hour movement behaviours lead to disparities in health and well-being in young people;
  3. Identifying behaviour-specific home and childcare/school environmental characteristics that can best support healthy growth and development;
  4. Examining how social and cultural environments can be structured to reduce social inequalities in physical activity participation.


Graduate Student Opportunities

Applications for study at the MSc and PhD level are welcome. Internal funding is available to support highly qualified applicants. However, applicants with Canadian citizenship or permanent residency status are encouraged to apply to the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program, the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (, and other agencies that provide support for graduate students. Please forward a copy of your resume and academic transcript to if interested.



For a full list of publications, see my Google Scholar Page or ResearchGate

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Twitter:  @DrEunYoungLee