Eun-Young Lee, PhD

Post-Doctorate (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario [CHEO], University of Alberta)

PhD (University of Alberta)

MA (Yonsei University)

BSc (Yonsei University)

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Telephone: 613-533-6000 x 74013

Office:  KINE 307


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Gender Studies, Faculty of Arts & Science


Undergraduate Courses

HLTH 323 - Introduction to Epidemiology


Graduate Courses

KHS 891  - Statistics


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Research Summary

In Situ PA Research Lab is dedicated to addressing social and environmental injustice that have impacts on human behaviour and health using social theories and powerful statistics. The lab is currently conducting the following interdisciplinary and internationally collaborative research projects:

  1. Human behaviour and health in the era of climate change: We study how climatic features interact with human behaviour and influence health in the era of climate crisis using primary and secondary datasets.  This project is also to take a critical look at the dominant climate change mitigation and health co-benefits discourse.
  2. Intersectionality in physical activity and sport participation: This interdisciplinary project is aimed at developing and validating a landmark survey tool that will quantify intersectionality in large-scale, population-based sample surveys, using intersectionality-based experiences of sport participation as its developmental terrain.
  3. Body politics and reshaping beauty ideals: This project challenges the current public health narrative on fatness and turn “obesity” research on its head by critiquing the use of body mass index (BMI) as a measure of, and indicator of health. We aim to foster diverse depictions of health, and challenge the demonization of fatness within academic and public health discourses.
  4. Future opportunities for outdoor play: All children should have the equal opportunity to be physically active in outdoor, natural environments. Dr. Lee is a co-founder of the PLaTO-Net (Play, Learn and Teach Outdoors Network), a global network for outdoor play, learning and teaching through play. PLaTO-Net is working on various projects to share evidence and resources, harmonize terminology, and collaborate on research and advocacy efforts.
  5. Global physical activity research: In close collaboration with the members of the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance, In Situ PA Research Lab is dedicated to playing a leadership role in advancing children’s physical activity around the world through internationally collaborative research and advocacy work.


Graduate Student Opportunities

Applications for study at the MSc and PhD level are welcome. Please forward a copy of your resume and academic transcript to if interested.



For a full list of publications, see my Google Scholar Page or ResearchGate


  1. Lee E-Y, Hakimi S, Larouche R, Masuda, J. Freedom to pollute? Capitalism, CO2 emissions, physical inactivity, and non-communicable diseases mortality in 124 countries: An ecological analysis. Pre-submission.


  1. Lee, E-Y, Lim H, Jung E, Jodoin K, Du O. A systematic scoping review and taxonomy of intersectionality approaches in sport and physical activity research. Pre-submission. Funded by SSHRC.


  1. Lee E-Y, Khan, A., Uddin, R., Lim E, George L, Six-year trends and intersectional correlates of meeting 24-Hour Movement Guidelines among 372,433 South Korean adolescents: Korea Youth Risk Behaviour Surveys 2013-2018. Under Review by the Journal of Adolescence.


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  1. Lee, E-Y., Spence, J. C., Song, Y. K., & Jeon, J. Y. (2015). A systematic review of correlates of Korean girls’ physical activity: An ecological perspective. Health and Social Science40(12), 5-28.



Twitter:  @DrEunYoungLee