Physical Activity Epidemiology

Degree Options

Master of Science (MSc)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Career Opportunities

  • public health research
  • clinical research
  • epidemiologist
  • academia (e.g., faculty member)
  • medical professional (e.g., MD)

Program Highlights


A key message from the population health framework is the complex nature of the biological and socio-cultural interactions on the health status of the population. In order to properly understand issues of health at the population level, there is a need for highly qualified people with diverse educational backgrounds. The physical activity epidemiology graduate program responds to this need by creating a unique environment for the training of highly qualified professionals to address the population health framework within the context of physical activity and sedentary behaviour.


Students in physical activity epidemiology graduate program are provided with the training to investigate how physical activity and sedentary behaviour affect the health of individuals, groups, and the Canadian population.  They also learn about what intrapersonal, interpersonal, environmental, and policy factors influence physical activity and sedentary behaviour levels.


Graduate student funding packages usually exceed $20,000/year of and come from a variety of sources including internal funding, external funding, and Teaching Assistant positions.  Internal funding is available for highly qualified applicants.  Eligible students are also encouraged to apply to the Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) program; the CGSM Master’s Tri-Council Funding (CIHR/NSERC/SSHRC) or Tri-Council Doctoral Funding; and other external agencies that fund graduate students.

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