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Muscle Physiology Lab​



Two lab members at work in a lab

Hashim Islam teaching Nick Preobrazenski protein assays

Jacob Bonafiglia, MSc, giving a presentation

Jacob Bonafiglia presenting at a symposium at CSEP 2017 in Winnipeg

A large group of SKHS personnel standing together

Hashim Islam and Jacob Bonafiglia with other graduate students at the 2017 Saltin Course in Ottawa

Some people in a class room in front of a projector

Laura Sawula at her MSc Defence

A group of students in front of some balloons

Mike Del Giudice, Brittany Edgett, Jacob Bonafiglia, and Hashim Islam at OEP 2017

SKHS at Extended Biology 2017

Jacob Bonafiglia, Dr. Brendon Gurd, and Hashim Islam at EB 2017 in Chicago

A woman point a remote at a television

Brittany Edgett at her PhD Defence

A group of people in front of a lake

QMPL at CSEP 2016 in Victoria, B.C.

A group of students in front of a research board

Jonathan Whittall, Mario Rotundo, and Jacob Bonafiglia with their 4th year thesis poster at the 2015 SKHS UG Research Day

A group of people standing in front of an Experimental Biology poster at a conference

QMPL at EB 2013 in Boston

SKHS Personnel standing in font of a research board

Brittany Edgett at EB 2013

Participants exercising in a study

Brittany Edgett completing a VO2max test

Queen's Muscle Physiology Lab

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