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Sports Programming for Local and National Sports Organizations

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Our mission is to be the best students, teachers, academics, and people that we can possibly be. We will do something everyday that brings us closer to our goals, and together, we foster an environment rich with hard work, creative thinking, collaboration, humour, and friendship. We are committed to contributing to our respective fields, to the reputation of our department, and Queen’s University. We will strive to maintain balance in our lives and never take our work more seriously than the people around us.

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Students in our lab focus on a variety of topics ranging from leadership theories, positive youth development, and group dynamics concepts.  The overarching objective is to examine the processes by which expert performance, sport participation, and personal development can be fostered in and through sport.


Eligible students are required to apply to the Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) program; the CGSM Master’s Tri-Council Funding (SSHRC) or Tri-Council Doctoral Funding;  and other external agencies that fund graduate students.

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