Ashley Adler – MSc KHS

  1. What is your current employer and position title?

I own my own business, called GymKats – I am the owner and operator of the business.


  1. What else have you been doing professionally since you left SKHS?

I have dedicated the majority of my time to creating and establishing my business.


  1. What is your favourite memory of being a student at SKHS and Queen’s?

I think my favourite memory was of our SKHS lunchtime fitness group that we had going throughout the summer during my Masters – it was a great stress-reliever, it helped us to stay on track (with our own fitness), and we were able to meet and get to know the other ladies in the SKHS!


  1. What is the most important thing you learned while a student at SKHS and Queen’s that has helped you get to where you are today?

The process of creating a workable thesis project, collecting a lot of data, and having to learn many new statistical analysis methods were overwhelming at times, and I sometimes felt like I was hitting more roadblocks than the number I was overcoming.  However, through the process, I learned to push through the setbacks and bumps along the way – and ended up with something that I was proud of.  Being an entrepreneur – I am continuously facing obstacles and self-doubt, but the lessons I learned through believing in the process have stayed with me, and resonate daily.


  1. What would you say to a prospective student about studying in SKHS and Queen’s?

SKHS and Queen’s offer a really tight-knit and collaborative studying environment, which provides support but also fosters independence in studying and research. 

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