Socio-Cultural Studies of Sport Health and the Body


To critically interrogate the social, cultural, economical, and political forces that shape the body, sport, health, and physical activity, and to contest the effects that social forces like class inequality, ableism, racialization, sizeism, sexual regulation, and gender have on embodies existence.


  • to offer an interdisciplinary, critical, and interpretive focus to the study of social phenomena
  • To uphold a commitment to progressive politics and social change
  • To recognize the tremendous potential of bodily practices such as sex, eating and physical activity bring pleasure and meaning to individuals and communities


Mary Louise Adams, PhD

  • cultural studies of sport, health and the body
  • feminist theory; interpretive methodologies; historical analyses
  • gender, sexuality and sport; masculinities; queer subjectivities

Samantha King, PhD

  • cultural studies of sport, health, and the body
  • feminist, queer, critical race theory
  • militarism and professional sport; breast cancer philanthropy; popular culture under neoliberalism

Elaine Power, PhD

  • sociologies of food, health, and consumption

Courtney Szto, PhD

  • where sport and/or physical cultures can be used to address issues of injustice.


King Research Group