Academic Contacts

All regulations governing graduate studies at Queen’s are established by the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). These regulations may be found in the  SGS Graduate Calendar. Check here, too, for important dates and for course descriptions.


Graduate Coordinator –  Dr. Lucie Lévesque


Telephone: 613-533-6000 x78164

Room:  KHS 301U

Dr. Lévesque is able to provide guidance in conjunction with your supervisor regarding the academic components of being a graduate student.


Graduate Assistant – Heather Carter


Telephone:  613-533-6000 x 75214

Room:  KINE 206

Angie is able to provide assistance with the administrative components of being a graduate student.


Director – Dr. Kyra Pyke


Telephone:  613-533-6601

Dr. Pyke has final responsibility for all policies and procedures established in the School.